What are commercial solar power systems ?

Simply put, commercial or industrial solar systems are the same as residential solar systems except for the fact that they have a higher requirement of power and therefore require more solar panels. Commercial solar power systems are aimed at the industrial sector, factory plants, warehouses and also includes the farming sector.

Energy production prices using gas and coal are getting higher and higher each year making the cost of goods more expensive for customers. Our utility grid is severely strained to beyond its capacity which directly effects our businesses. Even with the current restitution plans in place by our national provider, we know that it will take many years to restore it to some form of adequacy for our current power demands. This will however never be sufficient to cope with future energy requirements. 

commercial solar solutions

What are the benefits of using solar in commercial environments?

Reduce your Electricity Bill

You produce your own electricity during daytime and supply your office, factory or farm, instead of purchasing it from your Municipality or Eskom.

Less Carbon-Tax with Solar Energy

South Africa’s main electricity production comes from burning coal which emits approx 0.5kg of CO2 per kWh. Solar Power does not produce CO2 at all.

blue photovoltaic solar panels

Business Continuity with Battery Power Storage

If your operating hours are at night-time or you can’t afford power outages at all, use a Commercial Solar Battery System to become Energy Independent.

Return escalates annually

As the Cost of Electricity increases every year, the return of your Commercial Solar System escalates as well.

There are 3 types of systems available

Off Grid

"Off Grid"

Stand-alone or Off-Grid Solar Systems are are used where mains power is not available, or the client wishes to become completely independent from the grid. Power is generated by the commercial solar panels and stored in a battery bank for use at night or low light conditions.

Grid Tied

"Grid Tied"

Excess power derived from commercial solar panels is fed back into the grid and at night power is drawn from the mains. Manufacturing businesses and large factories and warehouses generally use a substantial amount of electricity during daylight hours. This makes them prime candidates for grid-tied solar energy systems.

Energy Storage

"Energy Storage'

Battery storage, or battery energy storage systems (BESS), are devices that enable energy from renewable sources like solar to be stored and then released when customers need power most. Lithium-ion batteries are currently the dominant storage technology for commercial use in factories and farms.

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