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Welcome to SomeWatt Solar Cape Town!

We are a Cape Town based solar energy solutions company. Our individually tailored solar PV and battery backup systems designs turn roofs into reliable, renewable power sources. Harness the Cape Town sunshine and ditch load shedding with SomeWatt Solar.

Whether you’re a residential home owner or a commercial enterprise, SomeWatt Solar is a specialist renewable energy company delivering quality solar energy solutions at competitive prices. Our industry expertise ensures optimal results for each of our client’s unique environments.

We specialise in most of the popular inverter brands in South Africa, namely, Sunsynk, Deye, Kodak, FoxESS, Fronius, Solar Edge and battery brands such as, Freedom Won, Solar MD, Volta, Dyness and Pylontech.

SomeWatt Solar is considered one of the top solar installers in cape town with a reputation for excellence. We will put the sun in your pocket, saving you money by reducing your electricity bill and allowing you to become energy independent as well as promoting green energy at the same time. 

We also offer finance to our solar or battery backup system solutions. Speak to us should you need more information.

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solar solutions cape town

Solar Power Your Home or Business

How Does Solar Work?

South Africa's sunshine is perfect for solar! PV panels capture sunlight and create electricity. These solar panels generate DC power which an inverter converts to usable AC power for your home. Excess solar power can be sent back to the grid for credits or stored in batteries for nighttime use. Solar power offers a double benefit: saving you money on electricity and reducing your environmental impact.

Full Packages

We offer a variety of high quality solar panel packages to suit your needs. From starter systems for budget-conscious homeowners to advanced options for businesses with high energy demands, we can help you find the perfect fit. Our packages are designed to be clear and easy to understand, so you can see exactly what you're getting.


Which Systems Do We Use?

We use JA or Canadian Solar panels known for efficiency and longevity. Lithium Ion batteries offer superior lifespan and deep discharge, maximizing stored solar energy. Choose between Deye or Fox ESS, Hybrid inverters, paired with Dyness or Volta battery backup for reliable power conversion and storage. We only use High-Quality components for lasting performance!

Turn Sunshine into Savings

Feedback Power To The Grid. Grid-connected solar systems often come with net metering programs. This means any extra energy your panels generate during sunny days gets fed back into the grid, essentially giving you credits that reduce your electricity bill. It's like getting paid for the clean power you produce! Get all the benefits of solar – reduced electricity costs, a smaller environmental impact.

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How We Size a Solar Energy Solutions System

Based on the client’s electricity usage on average, it is necessary to know how much kWh is used and the cost in Rand.

This enables us to decide on the amount of panels and batteries  necessary for the particular solution.

  • 1 kWh currently costs R3.08  in City of Cape Town
  • So if you’re buying +- R1500 per month, you’re using around 487kWh per month.
  • Eg. With 6x 545W solar panels we use this formula:
  • In summer we calculate the production of 5 sun hours.
  • So 6x 545W = 3270W. To convert W into KW we divide by 1000 which is 32.7kWh.
  • So 3.27kWh x 5 sun hours = 16.35kWh.
  • 16.35kWh x 30 days in a month = 490.5kWh

You can only generate 490.5kWh if you constantly have a load while the sun is out. If nobody is using the solar energy during the day and you only have 1 battery then your savings will be less. To counter this, we need to add an additional battery to store the solar power during the day for night time usage.

During winter we use 4 sun hours but we don’t use winter to size a solar system because its only for a short time of the year. However, we use that number to calculate 5 perfect sun hours of production over the average day.

solar system power diagram


4 easy steps to energy savings!

This is what you can expect when working with SomeWatt Solar

assessment & quote icon


Assessment & Quote
We perform a thorough site assessment to ensure that we quote you on the right solar system for your needs.

system plan icon

System Plan

System Planning
Professional plans are drawn up for the installation of your solar system.

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System Installation
Our team of specialists will install your solar panel system without damaging anything and ensuring it looks good.

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Monitor & Report
Once your system is up and running we are able to monitor it remotely to ensure that everything is running optimally.


What Types of Solar Panels Do We Use?



Top Choice for Efficient Homes
Monocrystalline solar panels (mono panels) reign supreme in efficiency. Crafted from pure silicon crystals, these black beauties convert sunlight into electricity exceptionally well, reaching 15-20% efficiency. Their unique octagonal shape maximizes space on your roof while their heat resistance thrives in South Africa's sunshine. While not the cheapest, their efficiency translates to a potentially higher return on investment over time.



Budget-Friendly Sun Power Poly panels (polycrystalline) are a cost-effective way to harness the sun. Made from melted silicon, they're quicker to produce and more affordable than monocrystalline panels. Despite slightly lower efficiency (13-16%), their blue design and space-saving layout make them a solid choice for many budgets.


Solar Panel Manufacturers:
Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 vs. Tier 3. What is the difference?

Photovoltaic (PV) panels, also known as solar panels, come in various tiers that indicate their quality, efficiency and performance. Solar panel manufacturers are categorized into Tiers based on factors such as reputation, production capacity, financial stability and the technologies used in the panels. The most commonly referred-to tiers are Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Here’s an overview of the differences between these tiers. Choosing solar panels is a big decision and understanding Tier ratings is crucial.

Tier 1: Top Shelf

Tier 1 manufacturers are the industry leaders. They:

  • Have a long-standing reputation for excellence
  • Utilize highly automated and controlled production
  • Offer robust warranties (typically 12-year product and 25-year performance)
  • Consistently rank high in independent performance testing
Tier 2: Value Contenders

Tier 2 manufacturers offer a good balance:

  • Often established companies with a growing presence
  • May source some components but maintain quality control
  • Provide competitive pricing and decent warranties
  • Can be a viable option for budget-conscious buyers
Tier 3: Proceed with Caution

Tier 3 manufacturers often:

  • Are newer companies with less experience
  • May have limited quality control measures
  • Offer shorter warranties or uncertain financial backing
  • Panels might have lower efficiency and higher risk of performance issues

Premium Quality Solar Panels

A range of solar panels for residential and commercial applications.
** Solar panel prices discounted with installation **

Canadian Solar Panels HiKu6
JA solar panels

Canadian 545W - 555W Solar Panels

JA Solar - 550W Solar Panels

Jinko 555W Solar Panels


Power Up Your Home or Business:
Understanding Solar Inverters

Solar panels capture sunlight, but your home runs on AC electricity. That’s where the inverter steps in! Think of it as a translator, converting the DC power from your panels into usable AC power for your appliances. Inverters also control the flow and maximize the power you generate from the sun.

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Off Grid Inverter

Off-grid inverters do not synchronize with the grid and works alone; meaning that this inverter is used when there is no grid power available and it supplies DC to AC instantly to power up appliances.

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Grid Tied Inverter

Grid tied inverters connect our homes and can supplement all our surplus power back to the grid. This type of inverter delivers power to your appliances directly from your PV array when solar power is available and switches back to the grid when not calculating usage for the average home.

See the average daily usage of the appliances in our homes below and the power they use. With this we can calculate the size of solar system you need.

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Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid inverters are a combination between solar and battery inverters, intelligently managing power from PV panels, batteries and grid at the same time.

A hybrid solar inverter is the combination of a solar inverter and a battery inverter into a single piece of equipment that can intelligently manage power from your solar panels, solar batteries and the utility grid at the same time.


Expert Solar Installers

Located in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, SomeWatt Solar is your partner in powering your home with clean energy. We design and install high-quality, affordable solar systems tailored to your needs. Our team’s expertise extends beyond panels, ensuring seamless integration with your existing electrical system, including maintenance and compliance certifications. With a stellar 4.7-star rating on Google from 42 satisfied customers reviews, SomeWatt Solar offers a customer-centric approach and top-tier equipment at competitive prices.

Residentail Solar Solutions

Residential solar systems, often seen as panels adorning rooftops, harness the sun’s power to generate electricity for your home.
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Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial solar systems use the same components but have higher power requirement and therefore require more solar panels.
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Backup Power Systems

Efficient backup power systems consists of two major components, an inverter and a lithium solar battery or set of batteries.
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protect your investment

Preventative Maintenance Service

  • Visual Inspection: Technicians will inspect your solar panels for any physical damage such as cracks, debris build-up or loose wiring.
  • Performance Monitoring: They’ll check the system’s performance data to ensure it’s generating electricity efficiently. This might involve reviewing inverter readings and identifying any potential issues.
  • Cleaning: Depending on your contract, some services may include cleaning the panels to remove dust, dirt or bird droppings that can affect energy production.
  • Tightening Connections: Technicians may check and tighten any electrical connections within the system to ensure optimal performance and safety.


SomeWatt Solar Videos

Find out more about our high quality solar energy solutions, our dedication and commitment to the highest standard of customer service and get to know the company you can trust with your solar power installation.

Visit our video page to see all our videos

It all depends on what exactly had been installed. The average pay back expectancy is around 5 to 8 years, depending on the price of the system you had installed.

It is only expensive initially. What most people don’t realise is that they pay more for electricity every 5 to 15 years. After the initial cost, you will in time reap the benefits of free electricity generation from the sun.

Once the client has booked a site visit, we will do an inspection and suggest which system is most suitable to meet the client’s needs. A quote will then be sent to the client and once accepted, a deposit would need to be paid for the procurement process to start. This usually takes around 1 to 2 weeks. Once the system is fully installed, signed off, the rest of the funds would then be paid.

If you have a hybrid solar system, the battery size of your chosen installation will determine what can be added. In most scenarios it includes all your lights, essential plugs such as WiFi, fridge, TV, decoder, cellphone and laptop chargers, alarm and electric fencing.


SomeWatt Solar
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We Stand For Customer Service. SomeWatt Solar offers competitive pricing and business transparency. We are a dedicated and ethical team, delivering on our promises to provide high quality affordable solar energy solutions in Cape Town.