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The City of Cape Town SSEG Regulations and Registration

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What is SSEG?

The meaning of SSEG or Small-Scale Embedded Generation is a power generation facility, such as a PV (Photovoltaic / solar) system, wind turbine or biogas, with a generating capacity of less than 1MVA (megavolt-amperes) or 1MW (megawatt).
These can be at residential, commercial, or industrial sites.


SSEG Facilities

Why register your PV system?

In order to comply with the regulations, you are required to register your PV system as authorisation is needed from your municipality or Eskom to ensure that your installation complies with its requirements.

Unauthorised or poorly installed PV systems can be dangerous as they could cause fires or electrocute municipal workers. This could happen if the electricity generated by a PV system feeds into a grid that is believed to be off.  The safety of the grid may also be compromised if the installed PV system does not comply with regulations.


The City of Cape Town uses aerial photographs to cross-check registered systems and is able to identify all PV systems in use. If found that your SSEG system is not authorised, you may be subject to penalties and/or be requested to have it authorised or decommissioned.

Who To Register With

Your system will either be registered with the local municipality within the City of Cape Town, or with a provincial Eskom branch.

To ensure that systems comply with requirements, SomeWatt Solar offers assistance with the registration of your SSEG (at cost) and will provide you with the necessary documentation and requirements, specific to your electricity distribution area.

Registration Process:

Eskom SSEG registration

SomeWatt Solar will, provide you, as the Eskom customer, with the relevant application form to complete and sign.

Supporting documents required are:

  • A copy of the property owner’s ID
  • A copy of the rates and Eskom electricity bill
  • Proxy letter
  • SLD- Single Line Diagram
  • Eskom SSEG Application form.

These will be submitted to the provincial branch of Eskom where you reside.

A Single Line Diagram (SLD), is issued by the engineer and a Copy of the electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC), will also be submitted to Eskom during the registration process.

Eskom Timelines and Process:

  1. Once Eskom receives the application, a reference number is issued.
  2. Eskom will then ensure the system complies with its regulations and inform the customer of any changes required to their meter or installation.
  3. The installation fees and tariffs will be communicated to the customer by Eskom and payments will be made directly to Eskom.

The exact timelines for completion of the Eskom registration process for SSEG system is not known but continual progress is being made in this regard.

City of Cape Town SSEG Regulations and Registration

If you reside within one of the City of Cape Town municipalities, SomeWatt Solar will provide you with the following documents to complete, initial and sign:

  • SSEG Application Form
  • Proxy Form
  • Supplemental Contract

The Electrical Contractor and ECSA professional will provide the necessary technical information required for the completion of these forms and commissioning report, as well enact the necessary signoffs and provide a Single Line Diagram (SLD) of the SSEG system to be submitted with your application to comply with the City of Cape Town SSEG regulations.

You will be requested to provide a copy of your ID, a copy of your electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC) and a copy of your rates bill with your account number and electricity meter number. These are submitted to the Cape Town municipality in which you reside.

If the property is registered by a company or a trust, company registration documents or the trust documents and power of attorney letter, will be required.

If you, at any time, wish to feed back into the grid, an application for a new or modified electricity supply service will be sent to you to complete and sign. The City of Cape Town will then issue you with a quote for the installation of a meter compatible with feeding back into the grid. These tariffs and installation fees are to be paid directly to the municipality.

City of Cape Town Timelines and Process:

This has become a lengthy process and may take a number of months to be fully registered. Once all required documents have been submitted, it forms part of the bulk of applications sent through by all persons or companies applying for authorisation.

Once the City of Cape Town’s officials attend to your application and capture it on the system, a reference number will once again be issued. This is then forwarded to the Service Connection Planning Section for a technician’s approval. Once the technician approves it, a Permission to install letter is issued. Somewatt Solar will then submit the final documents requested by the technician. Once this has been approved, a Commissioning Approval letter will be issued and the system will be considered as registered.

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