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Barrie, Bantry Bay - Residential Solar Solutions

Having successfully installed a 3-phase battery backup system at his daughter’s house, Barrie arranged a site inspection with us to discuss his load shedding and later his solar power system requirements at his residence in Bantry Bay.

We initially went with 1x 12kW Deye inverter and 3x 4.8kWh Dyness batteries, but we quickly discovered some overloading issues and had to make a few changes.

We then installed an additional inverter and battery to make the system consist of 2x 12kW Deye inverters as well as 4x 4.8kWh Dyness batteries.

Barrie was quite content with his battery backup system but wanted to make his system ‘pay for itself’ by adding solar panels.

He told us to fill his roof. The maximum number of panels we could get from the space was 36x 545W, but Barrie wanted an even bigger inverter system. We then added another 12kW inverter and 4 Dyness batteries taking him up to 3x 12kW inverters, 8x 4.8kWh batteries and 36x 545W solar panels.

Solar Power Equipment used in the installation:

  • 3x 12kW Deye inverters
  • 8x 4.8kWh Dyness batteries
  • 36x 545W Jinko solar panels

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