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Rooftop Solar Power in Cape Town – putting the sun in your pocket

Solar Energy Installation for the Discerning Homeowner

At SomeWatt Solar, solar installers Cape Town, we design individually tailored solar PV and battery backup systems supplying the latest design in solar panels, turning roofs into reliable, renewable power sources. This commitment to quality and customization is exactly what Michael, a meticulous homeowner in Cape Town, was looking for.

A Project with Particular Preferences

Michael came to SomeWatt Solar with a clear vision: a high-performance solar system that would meet his exacting standards. He shared his thorough research and perfectionist approach, which our team was excited to embrace. Our goal? A solar solution as exceptional as Michael himself.

Technical Triumph: Overcoming Challenges, Achieving Excellence

This project pushed our boundaries in the best way possible. The building’s height necessitated extensive scaffolding, requiring additional planning and expertise. Despite these hurdles, the installation went smoothly, exceeding Michael’s expectations.

The initial system comprised:

  • 2x 12kW Deye inverters
  • 2x 14.3kWh Solar MD batteries
  • 80x 400W Astronergy all black solar panels

Michael’s roof presented a unique challenge: predominantly facing east and west. To optimize efficiency, we strategically placed 40 panels facing east and 40 facing west, with each inverter managing 20 panels on opposing sides.

Taking it to the Next Level: A System that Grows with Needs

Our commitment to Michael’s satisfaction didn’t end with the initial installation. Recognizing the potential of his north-facing roof, we revisited the project to incorporate an additional:

  • 12kW Deye inverter
  • 14.3kWh Solar MD battery
  • 22x 400W solar panels facing north

These upgrades solidified Michael’s complete energy independence – he’s effectively off the grid!

A Shining Example of Solar Potential

Michael’s project is a testament to the power of collaboration and customization. By working closely with a client who shared our dedication to excellence, we were able to deliver a truly remarkable solar solution.

Solar Power Equipment used in the installation:

  • 3x 12kW Deye inverters
  • 3x 14.3kWh Solar MD batteries
  • 102x 400W Astronergy all black solar panels

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