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Powering Seafood Sustainability: A Solar Solution for Southerncross in Cape Town

Looking for trusted solar installers in Cape Town? Look no further than SomeWatt Solar! We create customised solar solutions to empower businesses towards a sustainable future. Our recent project with Southerncross Seafood exemplifies this perfectly.

From Home to Factory: Expanding Paul’s Solar Journey

Paul, a satisfied customer with an existing 8kW home solar system installed by SomeWatt Solar, approached us again. This time, he sought a solution for his seafood factory located in Capricorn Business Park Muizenberg.

Southerncross Seafood faced unique challenges. Their two warehouses relied on a single 110kVA diesel generator to combat load shedding. While effective, it wasn’t the most sustainable solution.

Planning for Power and Efficiency

To design the optimal system, we took a data-driven approach. We installed a data logger on their main incoming supply, meticulously measuring peak load and usage patterns. This crucial information allowed us to propose a system tailored to their specific needs.

The Customized Southerncross Solar Solution:

The final system comprised:

  • 3x 12kW Deye inverters
  • 6x 5.12kWh Volta stage 1 batteries
  • 60x 545W Astronergy solar panels

This powerful combination offered several key benefits:

  • Smart Integration: We seamlessly integrated their existing diesel generator into the solar system, maximizing efficiency.
  • Solar First, Battery Backup, Grid Support: During the day, solar energy prioritizes powering the factory. Surplus energy charges the batteries. Once batteries are full, excess power is exported to the grid for credit. At night, batteries take over until reaching 75% capacity. The remaining 25% is reserved for load shedding, with the grid taking over if needed. Finally, if loads are high or outages extend beyond battery reserves, the generator automatically kicks in for continued operation.

Sustainable Seafood, Sustainable Future

This innovative setup allows Southerncross Seafood to significantly reduce reliance on their diesel generator, minimizing operational costs and environmental impact. Paul and his team are now harnessing the power of the sun to keep their business running smoothly and sustainably.

Solar Power Equipment used in the installation:

  • 3x 12kW Deye inverters
  • 6x 5.12kWh Volta stage 1 batteries
  • 60x 545W Astronergy solar panels

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