Get a solar geyser that pays for itself within
12 months*.

Get a solar geyser from SomeWatt Solar and experience immediate monthly savings on your electricity bill of up to 50%*.

Only the best quality solar geysers


Installed by qualified plumbers


Guaranteed return on investment

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Get the right solar geyser solution for your needs & budget

There are two different kinds of solar geysers: retrofit and thermosyphon. Obviously retrofitting your existing geyser is cheaper than buying a new thermosyphon geyser, but you need to ensure your current geyser is
still in good condition.

We will recommend the right solar geyser solution for your
budget and needs.


The most common and popular choice for cost savings. This system is connected to your existing geyser and therefore you do not need to pay extra for a new geyser.


This system comprises of solar panel/tubes and a new geyser fitted on your roof. It is advised that you do a retrofit system if your geyser is still in good working condition.

SomeWatt Solar does it by the book and within your budget.

We don’t cut corners to win the job. We source top quality solar geysers at the lowest prices – giving our clients the best solar geyser solution for their budget.

Approved Geyser Wise solar geysers


Heat control panel


6 month workmanship warranty

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"I was very impressed by their efficiency."

Jennifer Jarvis, Cape Town
“SomeWatt Solar successfully installed a Flat Panel Solar geyser at my home in November 2021. It is working well. I was very impressed by their efficiency and that they always came on time. I can highly recommend them.”

3 easy steps to energy savings!

This is what you can expect when working with SomeWatt solar

1. Assessment & Quote

We perform a thorough site assessment to ensure that we quote you on the right solar geyser for your needs

2. Installation

Our professional team of plumbers and electricians will install your solar geyser without damaging existing structures.

3. Enjoy Your Hot Water

Your solar geyser starts working the moment it is installed.

Work with a solar energy company that is guaranteed to get you the best price without compromising on quality.

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Hi - I am Dean, owner of SomeWatt Solar. I am personally involved in every project we deliver so that I can ensure you are getting the best service. Please feel free to submit a submission form directly to me and I will gladly get back to you. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to me by giving us a call on the number provided.

Get a Free Solar Geyser Assessment & Quote

Our solar experts will give you the right solar solution for your budget.

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