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Solar Energy Solutions

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Backup Systems

We supply, install and maintain battery backup systems tailored to the client's specific need.


Residential Solar

We supply, install and maintain Solar PV systems tailored to the client's specific need.


Commercial Solar

We supply, install and maintain off grid, grid tied and energy storage solutions.

Providing High-Quality Affordable Solutions

We are a Cape Town based solar electric company. Our dedicated designs tailored solar PV and battery backup systems, turning roofs into reliable, renewable power sources. Harness the Cape Town sunshine and ditch load shedding with SomeWatt Solar.

Whether you’re a residential home owner or a commercial enterprise, SomeWatt Solar is a specialist renewable energy company delivering quality solar energy solutions at competitive prices. Our knowledge and skills ensure optimal results for each of our clients.

We specialise in most of the popular inverter brands in South Africa, namely, Sunsynk, Deye, Kodak, FoxESS, Fronius, Solar Edge and battery brands such as, Freedom Won, Solar MD, Volta, Dyness and Pylontech.

SomeWatt Solar will put the sun in your pocket, saving you money by reducing your electricity bill and allowing you to become energy independent as well as promoting green energy at the same time.

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Make the future bright with solar power!

With power prices at an all-time high and load shedding making a regular appearance, it is no surprise more people are switching to alternative energy solutions. Why not join them for a brighter future with a professional, sustainable energy solutions provider.


SomeWatt Solar
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We Stand For Customer Service. SomeWatt Solar offers competitive pricing and business transparency. We are a dedicated and ethical team, delivering on our promises.

It all depends on what exactly had been installed. The average pay back expectancy is around 5 to 8 years, depending on the price of the system you had installed.

It is only expensive initially. What most people don’t realise is that they pay more for electricity every 5 to 15 years. After the initial cost, you will in time reap the benefits of free electricity generation from the sun.

Once the client has booked a site visit, we will do an inspection and suggest which system is most suitable to meet the client’s needs. A quote will then be sent to the client and once accepted, a deposit would need to be paid for the procurement process to start. This usually takes around 1 to 2 weeks. Once the system is fully installed, signed off, the rest of the funds would then be paid.

If you have a hybrid solar system, the battery size of your chosen installation will determine what can be added. In most scenarios it includes all your lights, essential plugs such as WiFi, fridge, TV, decoder, cellphone and laptop chargers, alarm and electric fencing.

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